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Gunner Profile [EN]

Foxgrove's Moonlight Gunner

Deutscher Champion (VDH)
Deutscher Champion (DRC)

Date of death:

Goes by:

March 10th, 2009
January 7th, 2023
HD A2/A2
ED free/free
PRA carrier
CEA clear
JADD carrier
DM clear
CP1 clear
CLPS clear
ZZl Spezielle Jagdliche Leistungszucht
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Wesenstest on November 20th, 2010:
This 20 months old male is very agile, playful and vivacious.
He has a high degree of alertness and he is very persistent.
He is very good at carrying and retrieving game. He retrieves straight back to his owner.
There is a strong bond between the owner and him and he is willing to subordinate.
Throughout the test he is open to people and acts confidently.
The parcours with the optical and acoustic signals arouses his interest.
To shooting he responds in a confident and interested way.
A confident, happy and very active male! (Brigitte Weber)

For more than 14 months we were thinking about how to go on with our breeding.
After careful consideration we decided to get a Toller from the country of its origin, Canada, from the Foxgrove Kennel of Sue Kish, Diane Loiseau and Fred Bergeron.
'Foxgrove's Moonlight Gunner' adds to our team "Hunter's Moonlight". It now is a four-leaf-clover – two males and two females.
From the first day Gunner proved himself to be a self-confident, happy, quick-witted and playful puppy which brings sunshine into our family.

Having grown out of being a puppy and youngster, we started his hunting training in spring 2010. Gunner shows natural talent for retrieving all kinds of game and impresses us with his very good nose. His will to please and to work with us is always present, but at the same time he shows a high degree of independence and determination when working. He accepts any kind of overgrowth.
Gunnar still needs a consistent and calm hand in order to bring his energy to good and successful performance.
In September 2010 he and Joachim successfully passed the Jugendprüfung (JP/R) of the DRC and the Jagdeignungsprüfung (JEPs) of the JGHVs.
In October we did the Bringleistungsprüfung (BLP) and at the tender age of 18 months, Gunnar become best in searching and best dog of the weekend.
In winter we will now continue to train and refine his dummy work.

In spring 2011 Gunner is successful in the show ring again: at the CACIB in Munich he became "Best male" with V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB! At the end he came in the ring of honnor under the 5 best dogs of the FCI group 8. His presentation was perfect!

April 2011: Gunner become studdog in DRC with "Jagdliche Leistungszucht"

August 2011: With the very good hunting results of Gunner's parents (Foxgrove's Whirling Dervish: SH; Cedar Fog Midnight Seduxtion: MH), Gunner becomes studdog in DRC with "Spezielle Jagdliche Leistungszucht"

Gunner at work: a video from Louise (Tollarbos/Sweden) from September 2011 in Sweden: Video

Oktober 2011: Gunner passed the "VPS mit lebender Ente" with the 1st price and 193/200 points! He got a price of honour for his very good search for over 20 minutes in the reed!!

At our practical huntings for ducks and our invitations for picking-up Gunner shows his qualifications: steady at shooting, great direction and retrieving ability!

Spring 2012: Gunner passed a tracking trial test with a rabbit in 4:40 minutes!

November 2012: I am proud of my handsome boy:
Gunner won our RGP (- a hunting test over 2 days) with the 1st price and the best dog of the day! He got the gold-medal of the DRC and he satisfied the judges with his working-style, will to please and his retrieving qualities!

July 2014: Gunner's eyes are clear!

At the same time Gunner becomes the titel of the FCI for the "INTERNATIONALER SCHÖNHEITSCHAMPION MIT ARBEITSPRÜFUNG" :-)! I am so proud of my dual propose working dog :-)

- Frozen Semen Available -

State: January 2023