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Kjuna Profile [EN]

Hunter's Moonlight
Arcadian Kjuna

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January 14th, 2007
ED free/free
PRA carrier

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Wesenstest on May 24th, 2008, in Frauenaurach:
The 16 month old Toller bitch shows a well-balanced and calm drive for agility and activity. Her playfulness is well developed. The bitch has a lot of stamina. Her predisposition for hunting is very distinct. There is a strong and trusting relation to her owner and she is very much willing to subordinate. Confronted with strangers, she is friendly and little interested. In the test circle and lying on her back she is fully resilient just as to optic and acoustic impulses. The bitch is steady to shot. (Klaus Karrenberg)

Zuchtzulassungsprüfung on May 21th, 2009, with Dagmar Winter:
Excellently cut head, correct in expression, featherings worn correctly, shoulder blades could lay back a little more and the upper arm could be a little longer. Moves with good power and a good reach.

From Caylee's first litter in January 2007 we kept the only bitch – Kjuna. Growing up with four brothers, Kjuna soon learned to stand her ground and turned out to be a confident and curious bitch.
With her perfect, white markings we also liked her appearance very much.
Meanwhile Kjuna has developed into a friendly and confident bitch. Her physical development took some time but now with two and a half years she has become a pretty and well-proportioned bitch, which earned an "excellent" for her overall appearance by the DRC judge.

Kjuna is very easy to train: a great will to please, quick in the uptake and enormous speed when retrieving are typical for her working style. It is always a pleasure to watch her work. She passed the A-Working test with an excellent placement and qualified for the working test final. Our highlight was her 1st place at the "Work and Show" in Aichach this year.
When hunting she shows her brilliant tracking skills and she retrieves any (warm and cold) game as a matter of course. With almost two years Kjuna passed the BLP and is now listed at the DRC as an official bitch for hunting dog breeding. As she has also passed the Epreuve B she is now allowed at French field trials too.
Kjuna can easily distinguish "work" from "play". We enjoy her playfulness and her funny and friendly character every day in our family!

Another year later there are a lot of news: In autumn 2009 Kjuna passed her first field trial in Alsace with an "excellent" and CACT and four weeks later the VPS of the JGHV.
In November Kjuna's first litter is born. She is a confident and loving mother. Meanwhile her puppies have grown into pretty dogs which are eager to work.
In July 2010 Kjuna starts in the open class of the Speciality in Sweden and comes second in the first official Tolling hunting test. Here in Germany Kjuna has already started at some working tests in class F with good results.

State: November 2010